Video instructions and help with filling out and completing w-4 definition

Instructions and Help about w-4 definition

Hey good eat oh my goodness I didn't even play a thing in the caption hold on oh wow Hey good evening good evening good evening millionaires good evening millionaires hey good evening millionaires the evening that Amen welcome to yet another edition of the evening millionaire I'm so so excited to be here with you guys this evening and I also hope that everybody is having an amazing amazing day my name is ami Nancy I go about I'm with the CPA right which stands for certified public accountant which means that I'm certified to help the public okay when it comes to different accounting me so good evening welcome to yet another edition of good evening millionaire um do me a favor go ahead and put it in the comments right good evening millionaire let us know where you're calling in from or where you are watching the broadcast from why look so dark maybe um you know let us know so put in the comments like good evening millionaire and say good evening millionaire Chicago good evening millionaire Atlanta or whatever wherever it is that you're calling in from it's always good to be in touch with our millionaire minded family throughout the nation so good evening good evening good evening millionaires and yes I am wearing a whole turtleneck on April 4th okay I'm opposed to picture a little bit later not only is it cold it is snowing and it is extremely windy to the point where like this street it's this whole street light knocked down in front of well not in front of my house but on the main street over when cane drive which I thought was crazy and I took a picture of it this morning on my way back from the gym but the morning millionaires good morning good evening millionaires good evening millionaires so go ahead greedy let us know where you're coming in from make sure that you share the broadcast not only on your personal page but also in different groups that you're in tonight we're talking about your w-4 and why you should never ever ever claim exempt I've been getting a lot of requests for the actual w-4 a video I'm gonna try to find it on my page and then post it so it'll be easier to find or like you know put something in a comment something like that if somebody has seen it recently that would be awesome if you just put in the comments like here it is because by me doing videos like every single day some of you guys know we're here five days a week right um it's difficult for even me to find my own videos it's so crazy but they will be on YouTube shortly they actually sync to youtube but I have to go in my to the the keywords and all that good stuff and actually publish them so sometimes it takes a