W-4 Form 2018
W-4 Form 2018

W-4 Form 2018-2019

What Is W-4 Form 2018

W-4 Form is a tax document showing financial details about an employee’s income. This way you ascertain the correct amount of federal income tax that has to be withheld. The paper concerns all categories of workers, including freelancers and entrepreneurs employed in the United States.

An individual has to prepare the W-4 Form each year. In order to streamline the repetitive process you may turn to digital workflow. Just choose an online fillable template, enter the required information, add your signature and forward to the recipient.

Creating a sample online gives you the ability to edit it, electronically sign, share via email, fax or even sms. You may also print out a blank first and fill it out by hand.

The document contains two pages intended for the following details:

  1. Personal data.
  2. Total amount of allowances claimed.
  3. Additional amount to be withheld.
  4. Calculation of deductions and adjustments.

Before filling, read carefully all the field labels not to miss any important detail. Click the ‘Type’ button to start entering the info.

Fill out all the gaps because incomplete applications may not be accepted. Check the provided information to avoid errors. If necessary, print out the blank W-4 Form and enter all the data by hand.

Send the file to the employer for signing. They may add a signature by typing, drawing or uploading it from any internet connected device.


How to fill out the W-4 2018