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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing w-4 georgia

Instructions and Help about w-4 georgia

I guess we're live at your boy Jay Beret here coming to you once again in 2021 actually for the first time in 2021 but uh I had a great friend of mine here mr. Eric Smith out of Tulsa and I'm in Atlanta currently we're here to talk about w-4 withholding form and what it can do for you and benefit you and your family basically it's your right from day one and it's very it's a very misunderstood document within your your tax tax code or whatever but anyway without further ado I think we should get right into it and start breaking it down for you so it can help you and your fan mr. Eric Smith would you want to step in for me preview please what's up J Beret sir it's good to be here with you yes sir yes sir definitely man I tell you what this is one of my most exciting financial topics to talk about although it's one of the most basic and easiest thing to talk about it's one of the most important and you know actually Jason as I've talked to people in the interviewed folks that you know we're in tax season this particular document is where most people's financial either their financial blessings happen because this document is filled out correctly or their financial distress and their families on a monthly basis happen because this document is filled out incorrectly it's an important document as a matter of fact when you pull it up when we get into it we're going to point out the IRS tells people fill this document out every year or at least whenever your financial situation changes so that's so important so yeah man you want to we want to talk about first well let's just let's just start I guess with the first page okay go on into that and break it down for folks because like I said I was always taught you claim zero or one you know some people claim exempt for half the year and then they go back - 1 or 0 um you know I never got any education on it when I went into HR and filled it out you know I didn't get any help there so I just you know you really didn't know didn't really even look at it to be honest with you so well let me say something let me just say something real quick the purpose remember the purpose of the w-4 because we do live in the United States of America everyone in this country has a responsibility to contribute to capitalism in this country and the way we do that is through the technology paid the only way the IRS and your job is going to be comfortable and making sure that they have the dollars that they need from them from the citizens of this country is if you have a job they need.