W-4 Form 2018

How to Fill out The W-4 Form if Single

If you have got a new job or your earnings have changed, it is obligatory to complete the 2018 W-4 form. Those who have got the second job or their funds have decreased should fill out the document as well. Generally, the sample is submitted every year the user’s personal or financial situation changes. For single people, the marriage or the birth of a child is a serious reason to provide IRS with the actual data and require additional allowances. Provide the W4 sample in time for your employee to withhold the correct federal income tax, and avoid problems with the Internal Revenue Service Department.

Count the Tax Withhold Easier than Before

In order to make all calculations correctly, visit IRS website and use the updated withholding calculator. It comprises all the newest taxation tendencies, and you will make the accurate counting with it. Do not try to do it yourself, as you may get the sum that is higher or lower than your real tax withholding. The wrong information may cause penalties for the citizens that paid fewer taxes every month. Those who have extra income or the second job are the first in the risk area. Count all the allowances before you start filling out the blank.

The instructions for the W-4 form completion

The new 2018 W 4 form includes very relevant and detailed instruction that covers every item and explains its purpose. Read all advice carefully in order to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings.

To include all the information that is required in the template follow such steps:

  1. Click on the field you want to complete and type in all the data. Be careful, as some fields are made for the numbers only.
  2. Provide the name, surname, postal address, phone number. Do not forget to indicate the marital status as “Single”.
  3. If you are exempt include your address, personal details, and allowances you want to claim only.
  4. Type in the EIN and move to the next page of the sample.
  5. Submit the personal allowance worksheet putting the applicable number in front of the necessary letter. In case you have some extra earnings, include them to the “Deductions, Conjunctions and Additional Income Worksheet”.
  6. The last section of the document should be filled out by those who have multiple jobs. Read every item carefully and select the items that apply in your case only.
  7. Finally, add a legally binding signature and put a current date.