W-4 Form 2018

W4 2018: Full Guide for Employers

With each tax season coming, people have to execute a number of different forms. They are used for reporting financial information, the amounts earned or to deduct the correct amount of charges from their payments. If you are an employer, you should not only prepare your documents but also receive some from your employees. One of the most known papers is a W-4 form, Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate. In this article we are going to ask the most common questions related to preparing these samples that will help you as a manager to handle them right.

What is W-4 Form Used for?

This sample is used by each person who has got a new job or some changes occur to his/her financial situation due to something like a divorce, the birth of a child etc. The template should be prepared by each worker to furnish information about his/her income earned. Further such details will help an employer to withhold the correct amount of income tax. It involves a portion of your annual tax bill taken out of each paycheck and sent to the government.

What Information Should be Provided?

The withholding allowance certificate is a two-page document that includes a calculation page and a worksheet. The process of creating fillable W-4 2018 will be much easier if you try a digital sample in PDF. After a hirer receives a completed blank, he/she has to check whether the following units are specified:

  • worker`s personal data;
  • total number of allowances claimed;
  • additional amount to be deducted;
  • calculation of deductions and adjustments;
  • worker`s signature;
  • current date.

The company managers don't have to accept an unsigned paper or that one lacking the above-mentioned details.

How to Accept The Form?

An employee can submit a completed W-4 form 2018 electronically in PDF or print it out and give it personally in a hard copy. However, if an individual has made some changes to his/her paper, it is forbidden to inform about them by phone or email. In this situation an employee must fill out a new form with updates and submit to an employer.